Understanding Amazon Sales Rank and Its Impact on Your Business

Last updated: July 13 , 2023

Through online arbitrage, entrepreneurs have the chance to turn their dreams of a 7-figure business into a reality. However, if you want to seize these opportunities, you need to understand the basics. That includes understanding Amazon's Sales Rank.

The sales rank might seem like just another number to keep track of, but it's a vital statistic to help you track the health of your reseller business. It can show you the popularity and demand of a product on Amazon. In other words, understanding it is like gaining a treasure map to point you in the right direction.

So, if you're keen to know more about the Amazon sales rank, we've got you covered. Consider this your number one guide to successful AMZ arbitrage. Get ready to lead your business to new heights!

What Is Amazon Sales Rank?

If you sell on Amazon, you need to get familiar with the Amazon Sales Rank. Also known as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR), this is a crucial metric that gauges a product's performance. It's worth noting that it only measures items against products in the same category. Amazon determines the ranking using its own algorithm, which takes into account various factors.

The significance of the Amazon Best Sellers Rank lies in its ability to act as a barometer for popularity and demand. Amazon has an enormous marketplace, with 2.5 million products sold in US Store Fronts alone. Taking into account marketplace sales all over the world, that number swells significantly. As a result, the BSR is a valuable tool to tell you how a product is performing in this vast marketplace.

Source: amazon.com

A lower BSR number indicates a higher sales frequency, suggesting the product is in demand among Amazon customers. The #1 product, for example, is the best-selling item on Amazon in that category. On the other hand, a higher BSR number implies slower sales or stiff competition. Ultimately, it shows the rank on Amazon.

The BSR is far from a random number; it holds valuable insights for those who sell on Amazon. As an online arbitrage reseller, monitoring the BSR of potential products is vital for making informed decisions about what to source and sell. By focusing on products with a lower BSR, you increase your chances of selling well.

Ultimately, mastering the Amazon Sales Rank is a pivotal strategy to boost your chances of success. It empowers you to understand market trends, identify lucrative opportunities, and stand out as a top-ranked seller.

Why Amazon Sales Rank Matters for Your Online Arbitrage Business

The best sellers rank can play a significant role in several aspects of your business, including inventory selection, product sourcing, and success. By understanding BSR and its implications, you can uncover profitable products and achieve higher rankings. Here are three key reasons why ASR is essential for your online arbitrage venture.

1. Inventory Selection and Product Sourcing

If you understand BSR, you can make better sourcing decisions. When you find a product you think you could resell, check out its BSR ranking. If it's low, you could be onto a hot-selling product. There are plenty of software tools to help you check out the product information, including historic sales and BSR.

By focusing on these products, you can capitalize on items with a proven track record of selling well. This approach minimizes the risk of investing in slow-moving inventory. When you know how to monitor demand, you can adjust your sourcing strategy accordingly. This means you can keep your inventory fresh, relevant, and appealing to customers.

2. Buy Box Eligibility and Visibility in Search Results

Products with a better BSR are more visible in search results. Amazon's search engine prioritizes items with better rankings. So, achieving high-ranking positions puts you right in front of potential customers.

Furthermore, if you can get your products into a high ranking on the BSR, you will increase your chances of getting a Buy Box.

The "Buy Box" (now known as the "Featured Offer") is the button at the right side of a product page, which allows users to "buy now." Having it can make or break your sales, making it the holy grail of Amazon success. However, not everyone is eligible for it.

Amazon's algorithm heavily considers performance when awarding the Featured Offer. Products with a higher ranking are more likely to win the Featured Offer, gaining a competitive edge.

Source: amazon.com

3. Identifying Profitable Niches

BSR can help you identify profitable niches, but only if you know how to use it.

If you have a small arbitrage business that you started a month ago, for example, you might not be able to tackle the #1 product in your category. However, you can target other products in the top 20-50, which still have high demand but lower competition.

Understanding ASR also allows you to spot trending products and capitalize on the ever-changing preferences of Amazon's customer base. When you know how to spot items with a sizeable customer base, you can cater to a niche market and carve out a profitable space for your business.

In this way, the Amazon Sales Rank is more than just a number; it's a roadmap to success. It can help you make informed decisions about inventory selection and search visibility. As a result, it can help you increase sales and grow your business.

Factors Affecting Amazon Sales Rank

Understanding the factors that influence BSR is essential if you want to improve your product rankings. BSR is a dynamic metric that changes over time, and multiple elements come into play when determining rank.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind.

1. Sales Velocity and Customer Reviews

Sales velocity considers the number of recent sales compared to others in the same category. A high sales velocity indicates stronger demand and customer interest, leading to a lower ASR.

However, Amazon does not just consider sales but also reviews. A product must maintain high reviews in order to feature on the BSR. Product reviews reflect customer satisfaction and product quality, bolstering its appeal to potential buyers.

Top Tip: Encourage your buyers to leave reviews by using automated emails to encourage them.

2. Pricing and Promotions

Pricing plays a critical role in the BSR. Competitive pricing can attract more buyers, increasing sales velocity and, subsequently, producing a better ASR. Plus, Amazon's algorithm rewards products with a competitive price.

You should try to maintain a competitive price at all times. However, occasionally you can also run promotions and limited-time deals. These can drive more sales and positively impact the product's ranking.

Top Tip: Use repricer tools to set competitive prices that maintain a high ROI.

3. Product Descriptions and Images

Crafting product descriptions is a skill, but it's one you need to master to become a 7-figure reseller. Informative, compelling product descriptions are essential for attracting potential buyers and appearing in search engines. After customers find your products, the description is also what convinces them to purchase.

You can find the BSR number in the product descriptions for many items. As a result, a solid product description feeds into a strong BSR number and vice versa.

Source: amazon.com

Alongside compelling descriptions, include high-quality images that draw in customers. They should clearly show the product and give customers an idea of the quality.

Top Tip: A/B test different product descriptions and images to see which one drives more purchases.

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Practical Tips to Improve Amazon Sales Rank

There are several ways you can improve your Amazon Sales Rank, including the following:

  • Optimize Listings: Invest time and effort in optimizing your product listings with relevant keywords, detailed product information, and engaging content. This will increase your product's visibility in search results, driving more traffic and potential sales.
  • Monitor Competitors: Keep a close eye on your competitors' products and pricing. Understanding their strategies can help you adjust your own pricing and promotional efforts to stay competitive in the market.
  • Strategic Marketing: Implement targeted marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your product listings. Utilize social media, email marketing, and sponsored ads on Amazon to reach your target audience.
  • Price Competitively: Regularly review and adjust your product pricing to match market demands. Offering competitive prices will attract more buyers and positively impact your product's sales velocity and ASR.

Since BSR directly relates to sales volume, the best way to improve the rank is to boost sales. Consider using leads lists to source new products and stay competitive.

Analyzing Amazon Sales Rank Data

Data tracking is essential if you want to master the Amazon Sales rank. Access to accurate and up-to-date metrics is akin to holding the keys to the kingdom. It empowers sellers like you to make informed decisions and unlock the true potential of your reseller business.

You can monitor ASR data through your Amazon Seller Central account. However, there are also other software tools that you can use to learn about various metrics. Whichever method you choose, monitoring the data can help you gain valuable knowledge about:

  • Customer demand
  • Seasonal trends
  • The impact of your marketing strategies
  • Potential business growth

Armed with this information, you can fine-tune your product sourcing, inventory management, and marketing efforts.

As with any data, the numbers are not the only things that matter. You need to dig a little deeper sometimes and look at the bigger picture. For example, according to Helium10, adult coloring books were an extremely popular item in March 2020, consistently performing as best sellers throughout the month. However, by the following year, sales had taken a nosedive.

Why? Lockdowns. Sometimes, Amazon sales are influenced by external factors, so it's important to look at the data over a long period of time to check sales consistency.

Amazon's Insights tool can help to analyze BSR over time, helping you see how a product will perform. This will help you form future strategies with things like seasonality in mind.

Take Your Online Arbitrage to the Next Level with OA Cheddar

The Amazon Sales Rank can have a key impact on your arbitrage business. However, it is not the be-all-and-end-all. Remember, the best way to improve your rank is to boost sales. So, by focusing on other aspects of your business and attempting to increase sales, you can improve your rank.

In this way, the ASR can be a good indicator of business health, but it is not the only metric you should be looking at. You can use it to assess inventory selection and inform business decisions, but only as one part of a larger whole.

There are plenty of other business strategies you can use to grow your online arbitrage store. For example, harnessing the power of leads lists is one way to grow. At OA Cheddar, we are experts in all things arbitrage. Not only do we offer high-quality leads list to assist with product sourcing, but we also provide bi-weekly training with 7-figure resellers.

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