Leads Lists: A Game Changer for Your Amazon Business

Last updated: November 22 , 2023

For an online arbitrage seller, you will encounter challenges such as sourcing profitable products that are going to be beneficial for your Amazon business. If you're struggling to find profitable deals, then having access to good online arbitrage deals might just propel your profit margins upward.

Having access to online arbitrage leads lists has proven to overcome this obstacle for a lot of Amazon sellers, as it allows you to connect with promising suppliers.

If you are unsure about what a lead list is, why they are essential, and where to find the best OA leads, don't worry - we shall address any uncertainties you may have!

Within our informative guide, we will explore the advantages of using an online arbitrage sourcing list and dive deeper into comparisons between lead lists and other sourcing methods so that you make well-informed decisions for the financial health of your Amazon business.

What is a Leads List?

A leads list, also known as a deals list, is a subscription-based resource that provides you with multiple profitable online arbitrage deals that you can decide if you would like to buy and then resell via Amazon's marketplace.

Source: https://oacheddar.com

Lead lists are comprised of potentially profitable products or customers that are specifically tailored to Amazon sellers. Due to the invaluable benefits and precise targeting of a leads list, it is no surprise that they are the result of extensive research.

The profitable suppliers that you hire will assemble their leads from a vast range of sources, such as social media platforms, online websites, market trends, and past purchases made in online stores.

The most promising suppliers will provide you with reliable information that will hone your sourcing efforts toward expanding your customer base and maximizing your profit potential.

The Importance of an Online Arbitrage Leads List

In the world of online arbitrage, having access to a profitable leads list is essential to securing good deals that not only propel your online arbitrage business forward but also propel you toward making more profit.

With an online arbitrage lead list by your side, you gain a resource deemed invaluable by almost every Amazon seller. This resource will help you find the most reliable sources of products, ensuring that you always have a steady flow of inventory for your FBA business.

This strategic advantage gives you an edge over other sellers who don't utilize lead lists, as it saves you time and effort in supplier research, especially given that lead lists have long-term value.

By targeting potential leads provided to you by a reliable supplier that understands your unique business requirements, all the leads you invest in will enhance your outreach, maximize your conversion rates, and nurture customer relationships.

The Advantages of Using OA Leads Lists

Now that we have explored the importance of a leads list, it is paramount that we explore why the right leads list is important for your business.

1.  Time Efficiency

One of the main advantages of a leads list is the valuable time you save on product research.

Instead of the laborious hours you spend scouring the internet for potential products, you can rely on a leads list to provide a targeted selection of promising items.

By streamlining your research process, you will be able to source and analyze products more efficiently.

2.  Hidden Online Arbitrage Deals

By offering information about products with high demand and relatively low competition, you will be able to tap into niche markets that other sellers may have overlooked.

3.  Curated Products

An Amazon leads list is handpicked by experts with the help of various tools and software. They are also checked against specific criteria to ensure they are the best fit for your business.

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Source: https://www.wired.com/2014/04/canopy-a-curated-select-of-amazons-most-awesome-products/

For instance, when OA Cheddar encounters a new online merchant, we will research their consumer review websites, return and shipping policy, business address, and a range of other data points to determine if the merchant is trustworthy.

4. Diminished Risk of Account Suspension

Due to the careful curation of the products that make up a leads list, they do not include hazmat, fragile, IP complaint, or other problematic products.

Investing in counterfeit or restricted products will lead to account suspension. With a lead list, you don't need to worry about the risk of account suspension.

Source: sellercentral.amazon.com

Note: IP complaints are intellectual property complaints issued by a brand as a request to the seller not to use their trademark or sell its products.

5. Niche-Oriented Lists

A leads list isn't just designed to gather comprehensive data about the profitability of a product.

An Amazon leads list is designed to focus on specific niches/product categories, which allows sellers to not only source the right products but also to target their primary demographic effectively.

6. Personalized Support

OA lead list providers, such as OA Cheddar, will offer trial periods so that you can decide if a lead list would be beneficial to your business without breaking the bank.

Source: https://www.prlaw.co.nz/resources/articles/trial-periods-what-you-need-to-know/

OA Cheddar, in particular, offers exceptional support via our 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee, which means we don't tie you down with a long-term contract, and you are able to cancel your subscription at any time, completely hassle-free.

7. Profitability

An Amazon lead list has profitability at the prow of its mission to help sellers expand their business.

Some lead lists, however, are more profitable than others.

At OA Cheddar, we ensure that any lead delivered has a minimum of 60 of the last 90-day FBA selling price at or above our minimum $4 net profit and 40% ROI standard.

This promotes a profit predictability that you will find incredibly reliable and accurate.

8. Reliability

With lead list providers such as OA Cheddar, every daily list delivered to your inbox includes an average of 4 actionable Replens that, unlike other lead list providers, we don't reserve for ourselves!

To clarify, Replens are short for 'replenishments', which are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. These products can be sold over and over again.

With Replens, you can establish a secure routine of sourcing, selling, and shipping.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Using Online Arbitrage Sourcing Methods

Sourcing lists isn't the only option when it comes to finding profitable niches and generating sales. Before we compare those alternative methods to the immeasurable benefits of deal lists, there are questions you need to ask yourself so as not to damage your profit margins.

Is it Going to be a Time Saver for Me?

Depending on which sourcing method you choose, you could spend a lot of time trying to find profitable inventory.

It is essential to consider how time-consuming your sourcing method is and if you can accommodate for that amount of time.

With OA Cheddar, you don't have to make such accommodations. Experience high-quality leads delivered straight to your inbox daily (between Monday and Friday), allowing you to save time finding the perfect online arbitrage leads that could've been spent working on other areas of your Amazon business.

Have I Considered My Budget?

More often than not, the most helpful resources demand a higher price.

The amount of money that you're willing to invest will influence your decision-making process. For Amazon sellers who wish to find profitable items without the time constraints of sourcing products manually, you must decide if the monthly fee you are expected to pay will generate enough sales velocity to optimize your net profit.

At OA Cheddar, we recognize the importance of maintaining financial health, which is why our online arbitrage deals are meticulously organized into a proficient tiered pricing system, making our OA leads accessible to all Amazon FBA sellers.

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Where Would I Situate My Expertise Level?

One online arbitrage sourcing list may be more suited to new sellers, while another would be more appropriately suited to a seasoned seller.

Lead lists are great for beginners, however, with OA Cheddar, our sourcing lists cater to both new and seasoned sellers.

OA Cheddar is owned and operated by an active Amazon seller who has ascended the sales rank and knows how to avoid merchants with a poor reputation, which has resulted in 99% lead match accuracy that is available for new sellers, as well as professional sellers.

Does My Online Arbitrage Business Have a Strategy Behind It?

The size of your business isn't the only factor of your business strategy that should play a role in your choice of sourcing method.

You should also consider your involvement in product categories. Do you sell a wide range of products? Or do you specialize in one or two product categories?

A Comparison of Online Arbitrage Sourcing Methods

Here, we will guide you as you explore alternative methods of sourcing products.

We will also compare these alternative methods to lead lists to emphasize the importance of online arbitrage deals in the eCommerce landscape.

Amazon Leads List vs. Software

A lead list is considerably convenient; you can allocate your valuable time to other aspects of your business because product research is done for you.

Although sourcing software allows you to customize your searches and, thus, have more control over your product research, they are not ideal for new sellers. This is because sourcing software has a steep learning curve that an OA lead list doesn't.

An OA lead list is also monitored by experienced, intelligent curators, whereas sourcing software is AI-generated and doesn't have the oversight of humans, which can potentially result in a decline in accuracy.

FBA Leads List vs. Hiring Virtual Assistants

So, if you are more inclined to choose a sourcing method that has a human touch, why not hire a virtual assistant?

Source: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/business/how-to-become-a-virtual-assistant

You, as an Amazon seller, are no stranger to finding ways to maximize sales without compromising your profit margin. This is also the reason why the world of Amazon online arbitrage isn't flooded with VAs - it can be incredibly costly.

Not only are you paying for a virtual assistant, you are also paying for their software and tools.

Sourcing lists aren't just less expensive, comparatively, but they are also more time efficient.

A VA requires time for training and managing your sourcing list, and although they offer a higher level of customization, hiring virtual assistants can be too costly for a lot of sellers.

FBA Leads List vs. Manual Sourcing

Needless to say, manual sourcing gives you complete autonomy over the sourcing process and doesn't require additional expenditures.

However, we don't recommend this method, especially for new sellers. Manual sourcing is a slow, laborious process and can take a while to fully comprehend, meaning that you are likely to make costly mistakes.

OA Cheddar

So, you are now familiar with the importance of lead lists - what's the next step?

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Our 7-figure FBA business stems from our dedication to providing you with profitable leads derived from a wide variety of OA sourcing strategies. This means that once you've subscribed, you will be exposed to a vast array of both big department stores and small niche stores.

At OA Cheddar, we take OA leads to the next level, delivering twice the leads per list of our competitors, and yes - those lists also exhibit Ungated leads.

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