OA Leads & Order Management Software: CheddarSoft Review

Last updated: May 23 , 2023

If you’re an online arbitrage reseller on Amazon FBA or any other platform, it’s time to get your product sourcing records and leads in order as this is one of the most important aspects of buying and selling physical products online.

Even software like Airtable Expert has limitations in regards to customization and most average sellers don’t have the expertise or time to learn how to build efficient tables. 

What you want is a software that takes all your data and automatically sorts it for you into different sections and templates. 

In that case, Cheddarsoft is an excellent platform to keep track of what shipments you are about to receive, supplier reimbursements or returns for a refund. 

This is in addition to its dynamic lead filtering feature known as Smart Data. 

Forget color-coding and trying to maintain several Excel sheets. This software is your one-stop destination for managing the top end of your online arbitrage Amazon FBA business. 

What is CheddarSoft? 

CheddarSoft is a tool developed by the creators of OA Cheddar OA Leads Lists

The idea behind this software is to help Amazon sellers with their online arbitrage leads management, placing product orders along with reconciling and receiving those orders. 

And as an online arbitrage seller, you have a lot to do.

Aside from having to buy profitable products to sell and manage inventory, you may find yourself overwhelmed with other tasks such as finding items to replenish, keeping clean order records, managing incoming deliveries and so on.

That’s where CheddarSoft software comes in. 

Once you upload all your data into the software, it automatically organizes all your online arbitrage lead sheets on one dashboard, enabling you to quickly build out a list of items to purchase, easily create and track orders, and even build shipping batches to upload into a shipping software like Inventory Lab. 

This is an example of how your Google sheet might look before you upload it to the software:

online arbitrage leads list

(image source) 

By all means, this is a well-organized excel sheet, sorted properly and color-coded. 

There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever, besides the fact that it can be very complicated and cumbersome to maintain. 

Now imagine having more than one sheet to maintain, how brain wracking would that be?  

Instead, if you upload all this data to CheddarSoft software, this is how it will look:

cheddarsoft smart data

See how well your data is organized with the right sections, headings, and important details you need at a glance.

In essence, this software will help you save valuable time, easily organize your inventory, and as a result, increase the efficiency of your OA business.

Sounds intriguing? 

Check out more amazing features of this software.

CheddarSoft Software Features 

CheddarSoft is loaded with a ton of features to make managing your online arbitrage business a breeze. 

Starting from leads buy list, to recording orders with precision and ease, you can sort out all the necessary details and have your data work for you. 

How to Upload a Lead List? 

Uploading your lead list is a vital feature of this software because you need your data in the system to get the most out of the platform. 

Forget managing all your leads in a ledger or a separate document. With CheddarSoft, you can manage them on a single dashboard. 

To begin with, CheddarSoft gives you a spreadsheet template so you can easily enter all the necessary data. 

Once you have done this, the software will automatically create a dashboard from where you will be able to manage all your leads. 

Before you enter your data into the template, CheddarSoft will ask you to create a new lead list by “uploading leads”. 

This means you can import your already existing lead list into the software so you don’t lose any important data. 

cheddarsoft upload leads

You can create a different lead list for every different source of leads you want to view on your dashboard. 

This is a good practice because it will help you categorize different types and categories of leads in your business. For example, you may want to keep all our leads organized by lead list supplier, or virtual assistant who is generating leads on your behalf. This is really up to you. 

Additionally, you will also be able to search your data more effectively. 

Once you have uploaded your lead sheet to the software, you will be directed to a template, where you will be asked to fill in the empty blanks and even make necessary corrections. 

This is how it should look:

cheddarsoft upload leads template

In case you missed filling in a blank field, CheddarSoft will alert you and prompt you to recheck all your data before moving on to the next step. 

Once you have uploaded and reviewed your data, you can preview it before rendering it as a final template.

This allows you to see how your template will turn out and make any corrections you want.

Smart Data

Smart Data is probably the most popular feature of this software. 

You may already know that OA sellers are inclined to work with internal (big) data. Additionally, they are constantly buying lead lists from numerous third-party sources. 

Storing all that data on an Excel sheet or Google sheet can be frustrating and messy. 

Also, retrieving and accessing old data can be a pain in the neck, consuming a lot of time and effort. 

Smart data has a simple solution to these problems. It stores all your data in one place and sorts it based on your personal buying criteria. 

When you enter the “Smart Data” section you will immediately notice it has a lot of different filters, like this:

cheddarsoft smartdata leads

Using these filter options, you can search and narrow down specific segments of data from all the lists of leads you’ve uploaded.  

You can search for a specific keyword, filter brands, categories, or supplies, sort data into different columns, filter by net profit, low FBA price range, and much more. 

When you know a certain site has a time-based discount, you can sort all related leads to the discount to the top of the page for quick reference. 

This helps you build larger orders and spend more inventory capital in way less time than it would normally take. 

Although, that’s not all. If you look closely you’ll see a trophy symbol appear next to some of your smart data sections. This indicates they are a “top shelf” lead (leads that are classified as “top performing”) from OA Cheddar. 

There’s also unique symbols for Honorable Mention and Replenishables. However, you won’t see these icons unless you have leads delivered into your account directly from the OA Cheddar subscription lead list company. 

On the other hand, a small blue person with a plus (+) symbol beside it indicates you have added the lead yourself.

cheddarsoft add to buy list

You can also glean extra details from these sections such as the category, suppliers, ASIN, etc.  

The top line will always show you the symbol along with the product name, the date of the lead, and the list it belongs to. 

All in all, the smart data feature makes finding leads from the same source or brand very fast and easy. 

It is like working with inbuilt and customized SQL for your enterprise so all your work is organized and you can function your business properly. 

There’s lots of additional features that I won’t be writing about here. However, this last feature is worth noting before we move forward. 

CheddarSoft automatically updates all your leads with the most recent low FBA selling price, which also updates the estimated net profit and ROI. The estimated net profit and ROI is based on a calculation between the original recorded buy cost(buy cost is not updated automatically) and the current low FBA selling price.

cheddarsoft update latest fba price

This automated feature helps surface old data that may have a higher likelihood of being profitable when sourcing replens out of your historical lead data. 

How to add a single Lead?

If you would like to add an individual lead from inside the smart data dashboard, navigate towards the “Add Lead” link on the right side of the dashboard beside the “Select Tags” button. 

Upon clicking it, a pop-up will open on your screen asking for all the necessary details regarding the new lead, such as the ASIN, category, selling price, buy cost, etc. . 

cheddarsoft add a lead

Once you have entered all the details you can click on the button titled “Save” or “Save and add to Buy List” and your individual lead will be saved and stored without having to add it to your excel sheet and export it again into the software. 

Buy Lists 

Next comes buy lists. 

This is essentially a list of leads or products that you intend to purchase. Navigating this pop-up window is very easy. 

All you have to do is click the green color tab with a banknote that says “Add to Buylist”.

cheddar soft add to buy list

When you click on this tab, a pop-up will emerge on your screen with two separate sections. 

In the first section, you can add information to the purchase list, such as the number of units you want to buy, notes on the order (if any), and so on.

The second section includes product information. It will ask you to fill in the selling price, category of the product, ASIN code, supplier details, etc. 

Remember, all these details can easily be changed and edited when needed. 

It won’t change the entire smart data dashboard, but it will immediately reflect in your buy list. 

When you are satisfied with all the information you have entered, you must click the blue tab saying “Add to Buy List” to save the changes and the details to your final buy list. 

Once you are finished adding leads to your buy list, you can navigate to your list from the top section where you’ll see all the details you have saved.

cheddarsoft buy list

How to Reject Leads? 

It's not too presumptuous to think that whoever is responsible for placing orders from the buy list will need to reject a few leads sometimes. 

The good part is that you can do it directly from the buy list section without having to edit the main file and exporting it to the software again.

For whatever reason you might want to reject a lead, it will always land in your “Rejected Items” list. 

Look for the three dots indicating the toggle button on the left side of the lead, right beside the date. 

Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear, from where you can choose the “Reject Item” option. 

cheddarsoft edit buy list

Clicking that option will prompt a new window to open. 

You will be prompted to enter a reason for rejecting the item before you can reject it. Once you do that, the item will immediately appear in your rejected items list. 

Creating A Order

To create a new order, all you have to do is select the checkbox beside the date of the leads you want to buy, then click on the arrow pointing left near the number of items selected. 

You will see a menu appear where you’ll find the option of “create new order”.

cheddarsoft create an order

Clicking on it will create your order for you. 

However, your order will still not be complete. 

Once you have finished these steps you will be redirected to the “Buy Cost Calculator”. That is where your order will be confirmed. 

In the Buy Cost Calculator, you will have to cross reference information from your invoice and enter it here. 

cheddarsoft buy cost calculator

On this window, you will be asked to fill in information like the order ID, and your supplier details, confirm that the cost of the items purchased is correct, etc.

Once everything is in order, you will see another section on the side called “Order Total”.

There, you will be asked to add pre-tax and post-tax discounts, along with shipping and sales tax.

When you add all these details, you’ll notice the green section saying “Calculated Buy Cost” adding up all the numbers simultaneously.

When you are done with everything in this section, click on the blue button down below to save the changes and confirm your order.

When you need to go back to your individual orders, you can always head over to the “Order” page in the software and view all your orders at a glance.

cheddarsoft manage orders

One important section here is the O-R-S-(E) (orders, received, shipped, errors) section.

Underneath it, you will notice the corresponding numbers with each letter.

Once the order has arrived, you can create shipping batches and shipping events.

Shipping Events

To create a shipping event, head over to the “Order” dashboard and click on the file icon near the intended order.

When you are in the order detail page, scroll all the way down until you find a blue button saying “Create Event”.

cheddarsoft order shipping event

From there, you can choose the option of “Ship to FBA”.

cheddarsoft ship to fba

When you are done with this, you can further prep the order items according to your needs.

You will also have the option of choosing the delivery time, (that’s how flexible this software is.)

Once you have selected that, you can later schedule the order for shipment, which will appear in the “Shipment” tab so you can export the shipping batch to upload into your shipping software, such as InventoryLab.

How Much Does CheddarSoft Cost?

Knowing all the important features of this software, you will surely like to access it to make your OA business life easier and better organized.

However, you don’t want to rush into anything too heavy on the pocket.

Fortunately for you, that isn't the case with this software.

Unlike other software that charges you hundreds of dollars every month for all these extraordinary features, CheddarSoft only charges a small fee of $49 per month for its Basic plan.

In that, you receive:

  • Smart Data
  • Buy Sheets
  • Buy Cost Calculator
  • Order Management Systems
  • Shipping (ie. Export CSV to Inventory lab)

In terms of everything the software has to offer, it's not asking too much in return. Besides, having a companion like this can immensely decrease your work stress.

Final Words About CheddarSoft

If you are an active Amazon seller practicing online arbitrage sourcing you know how important it is to keep an eye on all of your leads, orders receiving, suppliers, etc.

This tool offers premium services at a low price.

Click here to sign up.


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