What is the Meaning of BSR on Amazon, and Why Is it Important?

Last updated: October 5 , 2023

Nowadays, the digital landscape of eCommerce is dominated by Amazon sellers, making thousands of dollars worth of online sales every month by selling products. 

The appeal of selling on Amazon is of needless emphasis - the abundance of product categories, product listings, brands, and potential customers eager to make a purchase speaks for themselves. 

However, irrespective of whether you are a new seller or a seasoned brand, there will always be one major obstacle: a vast expanse of competition. 

At OA Cheddar, we don’t stop at providing your inbox with profitable Amazon FBA Product Leads on a daily basis. Our mission is to boost your sales velocity. Here’s how! 

If you don’t know what Amazon BSR means, where to find it, how to rise through the Sellers rank, and why it is crucial to the success of your business, don’t worry. 

Our informative guide will cover these bases and provide additional information like how to improve BSR so you can thrive on Amazon!

What is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Source: amazon-best-sellers-rank

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank refers to a metric that compares the sales velocity of a particular product in the Amazon marketplace with other products listed in the same category. 

What You Should Know about Amazon BSR

  • To start climbing up the Sellers Rank, you need to secure at least one sale of your product. 
  • Additionally, this rank is updated hourly to reflect both recent and historical sales data for every product on Amazon. 
  • For a new product, it will take 2-3 hours for its BSR score to be calculated.
  • The lower the product’s BSR, the better its sales. 
  • The Best Sellers Rank only applies to how well a product sells within its category. 
  • A good indicator of whether your product is selling well is if it falls into the range of average BSR scores. Generally, a good best-seller rank is somewhere between #1,000 and #10,000; however, this can vary depending on the number of products within its category. 
  • It is possible to have multiple BSR scores if your product fits into various categories. For instance, a product that ranks #5,000 in the Home & Kitchen category may rank #3,000 in Bakeware.

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The Benefits of Amazon BSR for eCommerce 

Knowing the ins and outs of Amazon BSR is one thing, but in order to situate the extent of its importance, you need to understand how scoring high on Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank will benefit your business. 

1. High Conversion Rate 

When customers are considering a purchase decision, there are a lot of factors that turn a simple browse into a product sold. While past experiences, impulses and the influence of ads play a part in a customer’s final purchase decision, customers will always be drawn to higher BSR scores. 

By selling a lot of high-quality products, you will be rewarded with a Best Sellers Badge, which makes your listings more visible and, thus, more likely to attract more customers. 

2. Inventory Analysis

Studying the undulations of your BSR number will help you optimize your pricing strategy and adapt to the seasonal/trend impacts that may affect your sales rank. 

This can help you pick the best time to launch promotional discounts, as you will be able to see how much it increases/decreases your sales rank. 

Additionally, you can also monitor the BSR of your competitors to estimate a product’s demand and make well-informed decisions about which products you should incorporate into your product listings. 

Source: informed.co

Tip: research sellers with the top BSR scores in your niche and look at product reviews; investigate what the customer likes and dislikes about a particular product and implement the feedback in your own listing. This is an excellent way to climb through the Seller rank and get the Best Sellers Badge. 

The benefits of Amazon BSR are amplified if you have a consistently effective pricing strategy. Given the ever-changing nature of the Amazon marketplace, having a dynamic repricer that is designed to constantly adapt to changes in price without risking your profit margins is crucial for the success of your brand. 

How to Find the Amazon BSR 

In order to find an item’s BSR number, you must scroll down to the Amazon product detail page of a product of your choice. It should look like this: 

Source:  amazon.co.uk

Here, you can see that this Broken Skull Ranch T-shirt ranks relatively low at #762,384 in Fashion but is more likely to be visible for those looking for Novelty T-shirts, as it sports a higher BSR score of #63,664.

Alternatively, you can also view the BSR of a product in your Seller Central account. All you need to do is this: 

  • Locate Reports in the top navigation bar. 
  • Select Business Reports. 
  • Select Inventory in Stock. For established brands, you must select Brand Performance. 
  • The sales rank data of every product sold will be visible in the last column.

What is the Amazon Best Seller Badge? 

The Amazon Best Seller Badge is awarded to the most popular and top-selling product within a specific category. 

It is represented by an orange ribbon emblem, which is located in the upper-left corner of a product page.

Source:  amazon.com

Of course, being the #1 best seller of a product should be your goal when it comes to the BSR of every product that you sell. 

Ranking above all other products listed within your chosen categories not only means that you will quickly rise through the best-seller rank but that your product will appear at the top of search results, making it more likely that potential customers will make a purchase. 

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How is your Amazon BSR Score Calculated? 

Amazon calculates BSR by using sales data. Specifically, these calculations will take into account the past two year’s worth of sale events of an ASIN/product. 

There are a few factors that contribute to Amazon’s product ranking system: 

  • The overall score of these calculations relies heavily on recent sales data; that being said, historical sales data is also taken into account. 
  • Product listings will be subjected to fluctuations in prices. This will have an impact on your BSR number. 
  • One of the most significant impacts on your BSR score is the degree of competition behind your product category of choice. You should expect to experience rapid ascents/descents when selling a popular product and, thus, an ever-changing sales rank.

If you can find your niche, where competition is relatively tiny, and price fluctuations aren't too jarring, you can consider your sellers rank calculated with a high BSR score. 

What Does Amazon BSR Mean for ASIN Variations? 

Nearly every product on Amazon has a ranking, but there are a few that don’t. Alternatively, the ranking of these products depends solely on their parent ASIN. 

But what is the BSR for a product listing that is set up as variations of other products? 

These variations are known as child ASINs and are comprised of combinations of a product’s specific features like colour and size. 

Regarding the BSR of these listings, Amazon will total up all the sales for a child ASIN and apply it to the parent ASIN in some stores. 

Source:  amazon.com

Alternatively, in other stores, Amazon will count those sales respectively, meaning that the sales rank will vary if you don’t ensure that your child/parent ASINs are assigned to the same WDG (Website Display Group). 

Amazon Best Sellers Rank vs. Organic Ranking 

Another critical element of understanding Amazon BSR is to recognize the difference between BSR and organic ranking. 

In comparison to how BSR is a means of indicating how well a product ranks based on sales data, organic ranking displays how well a product ranks in Amazon’s search based on specific keywords. 

It is worth remembering that products that are ranked highly via organic ranking will not necessarily have a good BSR rank. 

How to Improve Your Amazon BSR Rank 

We have covered the meaning, benefits, calculations and location of Amazon’s BSR, however, in order to attain a higher BSR, you need to know how to improve Amazon BSR. 

To improve Amazon BSR, you need to strive to outsell your competitors. Here’s what you can do to achieve this goal: 

1. Target the Right Category

Some markets are more competitive than others. 

This means that product research is vital to finding a niche or subcategory that makes attaining the Best Sellers Badge simple, which is a great way to acquaint yourself with the nature of BSR. 

2. Optimize Product Listings

The research of specific keywords is just as crucial as product research. 

Employ relevant keywords in your product listings, and you will improve the searchability of your product, as well as your conversion rate. 

3. Implement High-Quality Product Images/Videos

Images and videos help to clarify what a potential customer can expect from your products. 

By celebrating high-quality images and videos, you will leave no room for dissatisfaction because the customer will be sure of the product’s function and quality. This diminishes the risk of negative reviews. 

4. Utilize Advertising 

Amazon’s algorithm doesn’t discredit conversions that are made via ads. 

If you wish to pay for boosted visibility and, thus, metrics, you will move up in the ranks! 

5. Employ Competitive Pricing Strategies 

If you’ve refined your pricing strategy to be fair for Amazon shoppers and hard to beat without losing profits for other Amazon sellers, then you’ve created an effective method to improve Amazon BSR. 

6. Improve Product Reviews

Product reviews are the driving force of online sales in the world of eCommerce. Nearly every product that has positive reviews has a higher BSR score than other products that sport mediocre feedback. 

That being said, quantity is just as essential as quality when it comes to BSR. A seller that has a wealth of good reviews will consistently rank higher than a seller that has a few excellent reviews. 

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