Using an Amazon Sales Estimator to Boost Your Profits

Last updated: October 17 , 2023

Highly driven and competitive sellers populate the eCommerce landscape. There is one marketplace that those who practice online arbitrage seem to gravitate towards, in particular: the Amazon marketplace. 

Although the Amazon marketplace is no stranger to fluctuations in sales rank, the average monthly sales of their products, and the top market trend, there is one element that will never change - the competition will always be vast. 

Knowing how to build a successful business is crucial to dominating the competition and boosting monthly sales. This is where OA Cheddar comes in. 

As a revered provider of daily profitable Amazon FBA product leads, we understand the importance of developing easy-to-follow strategies that save you time whilst perpetuating the velocity of your product's average monthly sales.

We don't just limit ourselves to minimizing your ROI and maximizing your profit margins with our OA Leads - we offer a range of first-rate Amazon sales estimators. 

Sales estimation is vital when optimizing your product listings, and within our extremely informative guide, you'll learn how and why!

What is an Amazon Sales Estimator? 

A good Amazon sales estimator tool gives you invaluable information to assist you as you conduct product research. 

An Amazon sales estimator tool can do this because it is an algorithmic method of predicting the sales potential of profitable product ideas based on the available information. 



Above all, the primary function of an Amazon sales estimator (also known as an Amazon sales calculator) is to illuminate the best profitable niches/products that you should focus on. 

By employing this tool, you will enter the Amazon marketplace with the advantage of knowing how many units you can sell and at what price you should sell them. 

How Does Amazon Sales Estimators Work? 

By combining key features of sales data like a product's ASIN, Amazon sales rank, historical sales data, known sales figures, and category trends, an Amazon sales estimator can calculate sales based on an estimate of number of units sold per month. 

It is worth noting that the estimates provided shouldn’t be considered as exact figures - always remember that sales estimates are only a rough estimate of the monthly sales of a specific Amazon product category. 

Seasonality, market conditions, and competition can influence a product’s sales volume.

These facets of a product's sales performance make it all the more imperative that Amazon sellers utilize a sales estimator tool; not only to help estimate sales of a particular category of products but also to gain valuable insights when researching a particular Amazon marketplace.

What is a Good Amazon Seller Rank?

A good sales rank, otherwise known as a good Amazon sales rank, is the culmination of thorough product research whereby an Amazon seller has combined keyword research with market trends and a product's sale history to situate where their own products fit into the Best Seller Rank.



This should be the goal of all Amazon sellers - if your winning products appear at the top of a customer's search results, then you will beat the top competitors within your chosen product category.

Remember: the lower your sales rank, the higher your sales volume of your particular product.

How Does A Sales Estimator Tool Help You Ascend the Seller Rank?

Having an estimated number of sales can give you an accurate picture of which products are likely to be in high demand because it can identify a sales trend by correlating historical data with current daily sales.

The popularity of a product is essential to achieving the Best Seller Rank.



It is especially important to note that the same product can appear in different categories and, therefore, have different ranks. You should consider this when deciding which product category you would like to estimate sales for.

Benefits of Using an Amazon Sales Estimator 

Listing optimization is the aim of any estimator tool. Compiled below, we have arranged a list of key features the best sales estimator should exhibit to help you decide a product's profitability.

1. Monitor Product Performance 

Product research would be incomplete without gauging the overall size of the marketplace.

By aggregating similar products, you'll be able to determine a product's sales history, making fluctuations in popularity visible, which is vital when crafting an effective pricing strategy.



Furthermore, tracking the performance of a product can help you decipher product availability, which can be incredibly useful when deciding if you've found the right niche.

2. Track Your Competitor’s Sales Data 

Tracking how a competitor's product sells is a good indicator of how competitive their pricing strategies are.

By comparing how many sales your competitors are making with your own product's average monthly sales, you can refine your own sales numbers by researching the gaps in a customer's satisfaction.

However, monitoring your competition's pricing strategy manually can be time-consuming and susceptible to errors. With the right sales estimator tool, this process is automated efficiently.

3. Explore Another Avenue of Product Research

You need to know where to focus your market campaigns. Consider how beneficial local or overseas sales can be for your business.

With the best sales estimator, you can assess the sellers rank in other territories and calculate sales based on gaps in the global market.

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4. Investigate New Products to Predict Sales Forecast  

If you are selling a new Amazon product, you don't have the luxury of being able to investigate the sales history of said product.

With new products, you may be uncertain of how many units of inventory you should buy when to buy them, and their average monthly sales.

However, by using a sales estimator tool, you can attain a general baseline for how many units you can realistically sell by investigating how a similar product sells.

5. Refine Your Inventory 

Alongside a sales estimator, you can refine the profitability of your product ideas by avoiding under-stocking and over-stocking.

A sales estimator can do this because it can monitor the demand levels of any Amazon product.

How to Use An Amazon Sales Estimator 

Now that you know the benefits, you need to know where and how you can utilize the best sales estimator to refine your product research.

This is where SellerAmp comes in.

SellerAmp is a revered sales calculator that offers a range of features that will allow you to source products successfully. SellerAmp will tell you if a product meets your profit and ROI requirements so that your profit margins are consistently high.



By simply downloading this handy Chrome extension to your browser, our sales estimator will automatically launch when you open any Amazon site.

All you need to do is tell us your objectives in your settings, and we shall tell you if a product meets your requirements. Considering your profit, ROI, and minimum/maximum BSR goals, SellerAmp draws upon page and product details to give you the best opportunities to maximise the potential of your product listings.

Why SellerAMP is the Best Amazon Sales Estimator 

Great for Amazon FBA sellers and FBM sellers alike, listed below, we have compiled an ensemble of reasons that make SellerAmp a matchless sales calculator.

1. Competitor Analysis

Staying ahead of your competitors with products that fill a gap in the marketplace is an essential part of monitoring and boosting sales.

SellerAmp's storefront search enables you to see the analysis of your competitor's products to help you refine your own brand and estimate sales based on more than just your personal prerequisites.

2.Unrivalled Speed

Buying and selling products quickly is crucial to being a successful Amazon seller. Here is how SellerAmp matches the critically rapid nature of Amazon's ever-changing market:

  • There is no entry of data that is required to attain results.
  • We offer a one-click analysis of all Amazon search pages.
  • Filtering is made easy with product tags.
  • Lightning-fast scanning produces near-instant results.
  • Our Chrome extensions launch automatically.


3. Unlimited Access to Analysis History

You need to be able to revisit products to reassess their potential sales figures when the market conditions are optimized for that particular product category.

With SellerAmp, you can keep your research history with the following:

  • Tags that make finding products easier in the future.
  • A history of every product that you have analysed.
  • Searchable notes.
  • Lookup Details of every product you view, including source, cost, price and sale price used.

4. Efficient Split Screen

Analysis and multitasking on your mobile device become much easier when making use of the split screen feature that SellerAmp offers.

You will receive a side-by-side view with SellerAmp plus Seller Central, your reconciling tool or any website.

Get Started with OA Cheddar 

You are all set with the ultimate sales estimator, and you are now ready to ascend the sellers rank.

At OA Cheddar, we don't just limit ourselves to providing you with an accurate estimated number of sales. We also offer a range of other tools that will boost your sales numbers and help you develop your product ideas.

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