Reselling on Amazon: Do’s and Don’ts

Last updated: August 24 , 2023

Anyone who has tried to sell on Amazon will know that it comes with challenges. Even if you've set up a semi-successful retail arbitrage business, you might be struggling to hit the next level. Some people have created 7-figure businesses all because they decided to start selling on Amazon. If you want to take your business to that level, you need to master the art of online arbitrage.

The twelve dos and don'ts in this guide will help you grow your Amazon arbitrage business beyond what you imagined. Here's how to resell like a pro.

Do Invest in High-Quality Images

There are over 12 million products on Amazon, which makes it incredibly difficult to stand out. When reselling products on Amazon, there's a chance you will be selling the same or similar products to your competitors. As a result, you need to find ways to stand out.

Alongside high-quality products, you need high-quality images. Amazon has a long list of image requirements, so take some time to understand these.

The main thing to know is that the optimal zoom experience requires pictures to be 1600px or larger on the longest side. If you don't want to optimize zoom, your picture can be a minimum of 500px, but 1000px is a better option. Often, enabling zoom contributes to sales as customers trust the product more.

Make sure all your images accurately reflect the product you're selling, as this will contribute to customer satisfaction.

Don't Add Text to Images

Getting your imagery right when selling on Amazon is difficult. After all, you have to make sure it fits various screen sizes, including desktop, tablets, and mobile. With this in mind, don't add text to your product images. At the very least, don't put it on the main image.

Have you ever viewed an Amazon product on mobile and found that the on-image text is blurry and pixelated? It's super annoying, and you'll probably think the product or seller is untrustworthy.

Avoid this by getting rid of the image text and saying everything you want to say in the description. In fact, as per the guidelines, Amazon can remove products where the main image contains text. You can use the additional images to add text, logos, and other details that will catch the customer's attention. However, make sure you optimize the image for different screen sizes.

Do Spend Time on Content and Descriptions

As a business owner, there are a lot of things that can take up your time. If you want to become a 7-figure reseller, you need to know where to prioritize your time and energy. Product descriptions are not something you should cut corners on!

After all, your business is all about selling, and effective selling is what will enhance your profit margins. Amazon uses its proprietary A9 algorithm to determine how products are ranked in the marketplace. When customers search for something, several factors contribute to how high your products appear in the results:

  • Imagery
  • Product titles and descriptions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Sales

When you first list a product, the sales will be low. However, you can increase them by getting your product further up those rankings. This is where the other factors come in; use software like Repricer Express to set competitive pricing. Meanwhile, you can pay careful attention to product descriptions to boost your rankings.



Leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your products rank highly. Keyword tools can help you figure out what your customers are searching for. For example, if you search "headsets" on Amazon, you will notice that the top ranking products contain keywords in the title, such as:

  • Spatial audio
  • Comfort
  • Gaming

Pro Tip: Perform Amazon searches with your keywords to see what your competitors are ranking for.

Don't Ignore Amazon's Guidelines

Amazon has strict guidelines for sellers on the platform. It's important to familiarize yourself with these rules so that you don't wind up with a hefty fine or even a ban. If you use Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon), this is even more important, as it ensures that you can keep using the service.

Penalties aside, sticking to Amazon's regulations can help you in other ways. For example, it will help you win the buy box, which sits beside your product listing. The buy box can encourage customers to make purchases, so it can make a huge difference to your business if you win it. Plus, buy box products rank higher in the listings.


Amazon has a long list of guidelines and regulations. However, one of the most important is to avoid selling restricted items, especially if you use Amazon FBA.

Do Encourage Reviews

Reviews can make a huge difference to your OA business. If you and your competitor are selling similar items, customers might utilize reviews to decide between them. This includes both the star rating, the number of reviews, and the detail included in written reviews.

While it's possible to buy reviews, it's best to avoid this. Typically, customers can tell that the reviews are fake because they contain generic information and stilted language. Don't use fake reviews or AI-generated ones.

If you want to stand out on online marketplaces like Amazon, you can encourage your customers to leave reviews. Consider sending notes with each order encouraging customers to leave a review if they like the product, or send out automated emails to prompt customers to review your store.

Remember, you won't get great reviews unless you offer high-quality products, speedy shipping, and great customer service.

Don't Neglect Customer Service

When you use Amazon FBA, Amazon handles the customer service on your behalf. They do all the packing, shipping, and handling returns. As a business owner, this is a huge benefit because it takes several jobs off your hands.

Plus, with Amazon FBA, you can take advantage of Prime. Customers are more likely to purchase products with Prime because they know it's a trustworthy service with rapid delivery.

In general, this makes customer service a lot easier. However, you should keep tabs on your customer satisfaction to ensure the positive reviews keep rolling in.

58% of consumers will pay more for products that come with great customer service. As a result, prioritizing customer service can have a healthy effect on your profit margins.

For Amazon resellers who don't use FBA and instead use another method like dropshipping, customer service is essential. Make sure you have a plan for handling returns, issues, and other customer concerns.

Do Use Leads Lists

When it comes to product research and sourcing, there are numerous ways to save time. After all, this part of running an OA business can take up significant time and energy for business owners.

Back in the day, resellers would purchase products at a retail store, send it to Amazon, then list it online for a higher price. Online arbitrage has changed things by allowing resellers to source products online, doing everything from the comfort of their own homes.

However, it still takes a lot of time and resources to trawl the various online marketplaces, assess profitability, and negotiate with wholesalers. Software has saved the day by allowing resellers to automate the process. Software tools automatically locate products in your niche and analyze data such as sales history and pricing.

Another way to track down products is using leads lists. Professional reselling experts use the software tools for you, creating handpicked, curated lists of products just for you. The result is a high-quality list generated quickly without you having to assess the data yourself. Compared to software, it's a fantastic way to boost your business while giving you more time to focus on other things.

Don't Be Afraid to Outsource

As your reselling business grows, don't be afraid to delegate and outsource. Of course, outsourcing includes using leads list and software, to an extent. However, when you're in a position to hire help, don't be afraid to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to help you with your business.

VAs can help you with a number of tasks, from admin and emailing to product research and customer service. Although you will have to spend money on a salary for an employee, it can help you grow your business and grow profits in the long run.

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Do Utilize Ads

Amazon ads have numerous benefits, from boosting brand visibility to making more sales. In 2024, there will be 278.33 million online shoppers in the US, and ads are a great way to connect with your target audience in this sea of consumerism.

Amazon offers several types of ads, from banners and sponsored products to audio ads that play on Alexa speakers. These flexible formats mean you can reach a huge range of ideal customers.

Don't forget to use the Amazon seller app to monitor the progress of your ads.


Don't Leave It Too Late

Selling on Amazon is highly competitive, and you will often find yourself competing with competitors. To stay at the top, you need to be hot on the tail of the latest trends in your niche. You can stay on top of these by following industry influencers, conducting competitor research, and using forecasting software.

Some products are seasonal. For example, electronics often see a spike in sales around the holidays, and chocolates sell well on Valentine's Day. With this in mind, you need to make sure you're listing products in ample time, rather than falling behind.

If your products are seasonal, make sure you list them well before their time. You'll often see brick-and-mortar stores selling Christmas decorations in October, and that's because customers like to plan ahead. You should plan ahead too, so make sure you're not missing out by leaving it too late.

Do Create a Storefront

An Amazon storefront can greatly improve the visibility and reputability of your brand. Some of the top Amazon sellers have a storefront, including huge brands like Puma and Dell. A storefront will help you advertise your products and show customers how professional you are.

You can set up an Amazon storefront through your Seller Central Account. It doesn't take long to set up, and it's definitely worth it.

Don't Forget to Register Your Brand

When you sign up for an Amazon account, you'll be prompted to join the Amazon Brand Registry. You need an active registered trademark to do so, and you need to be able to prove ownership. You can do this through proof of identity and providing a credit card.

It's worth taking the steps to do this, because having a registered brand gives you more control over your product listings. It also gives you protection from suspected infringing products or inaccurate content.

In other words, it will help you protect your business.

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