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NOTICE: Your OA Cheddar Subscriptions are about to change

We have a very important announcement about the delivery of your leads. Please make sure to read the entire contents of this email so you know what steps you may need to take. 

Starting on April 3, 2023 OA Cheddar will cease delivering leads by emails containing Google sheets and will exclusively deliver leads via Cheddarsoft for all subscribers. 

Why are we making this change?

Our goal has always been to create the most secure leads list on the market so our customers can have peace of mind knowing that our leads are only ever exposed to a carefully controlled number of subscribers/sellers. 

Moving our leads list delivery to Cheddarsoft is just the first phase in a plan we’ve developed to radically increase the security on our leads. We will have more control over how we secure our data when it’s hosted inside our secure platform, versus spreadsheets that can be easily copied or shared with others, while remaining anonymous. 

How does OA Cheddar secure data? 

As you may already know, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the security of our data in regards to our internal team. These team security measures include contracts w/ photo ID, NDA agreements, screenshot monitoring, transparent social media, a family-like team culture and internal watch dogs. 

These internal security measures give us great confidence that the leads we deliver are not only organically sourced, but also never shared directly with other sellers or providers outside the OA Cheddar network. 

However, securing our own internal team is no longer enough when other lead list providers and sellers aren’t going to these lengths to secure their own internal teams.

There’s another problem….

The OA leads industry has experienced increased international exposure, inviting potential fraudulent activity, prompting us to increase the security measures on our payment processor along with carefully analyzing the origins and identity of every customer. 

We have also recently discovered evidence that bad actors may be buying OA lead data from legitimate providers like OA Cheddar with intent to resell that data for a fraction of the cost. 

Notice I said, “for a fraction of the cost”, not price. 

That’s because there’s been a recent surge of faceless micro lead list providers selling leads at prices so low(below cost), it’s obvious they are just reselling data they’ve purchased elsewhere.

Big tip #1: If the leads list you’re purchasing are significantly cheaper or sold to far fewer sellers than reputable organizations like OA Cheddar, those leads are likely just purchased from a legitimate source and then being unethically and illegally resold on a different platform. Your participation is only fueling this fraudulent activity and depreciating the OA reseller industry as a whole.

Big Tip #2: If the lead list provider you’re purchasing from doesn’t have a transparent online identity(s) associated with their product, they may be up to no good and therefore may not deserve your business. Transparency is big here at OA Cheddar if you’ve not noticed. 

So this gives you some context. We’ve secured our team, now we have the opportunity to increase data security on the customer or delivery side of OA Cheddar. 

Securing OA Cheddar customers…

Now, we know that the vast majority of our customers are honest hard working entrepreneurs whom we love and appreciate. 

But, it only takes one bad apple to ruin the barrel. 

That is why we are taking additional steps to secure the leads delivered by OA Cheddar. 

The first step is to abandon google sheets and move over to our own server where we have more tools and abilities to keep the leads secure. 

This measure will position us to move forward with automated systems we’ve designed to identify and purge potential bad actors, BEFORE they ever see a single OA Cheddar lead!  

We do have more plans to secure the leads but we will wait to share those once we finish migrating our lead list delivery and customers over to Cheddarsoft. 

What does this mean for you? 

If you don’t already have a Cheddarsoft account you will need to create an one using the same email you have on file for OA Cheddar lead list subscriptions.

You DO NOT need to pay for Cheddarsoft if you don’t want to.

Every OA Cheddar list subscriber can sign up for the free version of Cheddarsoft by clicking this link. https://app.oacheddar.com/linkaccount

The free version of Cheddarsoft will allow you to view, open and download the leads from the list. If you would like to unlock the full features and benefits of Cheddarsoft you will need to upgrade your account by paying for the $49/mo subscription, which you can do from inside your account. 

Once you’ve gained access to your account, please allow some time for the automated system to populate your lead data into your account. If you do not see your data after a couple of hours please reach out to us at support@oacheddar.com. 

How will you benefit from these changes?

    • Prefer hosting your leads on a spreadsheet?
      Even though we are moving away from spreadsheets and exclusively delivering leads to Cheddarsoft you will still have the ability to download your leads as a .xlsx file so you can import or copy them into your current spreadsheet system. 
    • Secure data leads to bigger profits
      Everyone hates the race to the bottom, which is why making sure that leads are not being over exposed is so important. Moving delivery over to Cheddarsoft is the first step we’re taking that will result in less exposure of leads resulting in less price tanking and more profits in your pocket.
    • Peace of mind / Exclusivity
      You can rest easy knowing that your leads are being protected and monitored by OA Cheddar. Only the sellers who are also subscribed will have access to the leads assuring that exclusivity of OA leads remains strong.
    • Ability to track down bad actors
      We can’t go into detail about this right now but having the leads in Cheddarsoft enables us to unlock the tech we need to track down any possible bad actors and remove them from our systems swiftly before any leaks occur.
    • Alerts about leads we mark as disputed after delivery
      This feature is currently under development but the changes we are making will give us the ability to communicate with subscribers if we mark a lead as disputed after delivery. This will help you by alerting you about mismatched leads so you can take necessary steps to avoid sending the product to FBA under an mismatched ASIN.
    • Reliable delivery
      Say goodbye to broken email links for your leads! Accessing your leads with Cheddarsoft is as simple as logging into your account at 11am EST to view the newest uploads from OA Cheddar. 

    A risk for the greater good.

    No one likes jumping through extra hoops and we expect that there may be some resistance to this new delivery method, which may result in a few cancellations. But this is a risk worth taking because we are extremely confident that data security, now more than ever, is the most important feature we can offer to make a positive impact in the OA leads list industry and for our customers. 

    The leads list companies that prioritize data security will be the ones with the best leads, customer experience and of course profits. 

    Right now is the best time to be an OA Cheddar subscriber as we invite you to join us as we step into an even more secure and profitable future of OA.

    Thank you for your continued support and as always if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@oacheddar.com.

    Always in your corner, 

    Team Cheddar

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