4 Best Amazon FBA Calculators for Online Arbitrage Sellers

Last updated: July 10 , 2023

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) businesses rely heavily on having and understanding accurate statistics when analyzing a potential product to sell. 

Accurate planning of risk versus reward is critical, whether you’re planning to publish a new listing of your own(i.e. private label) or just jumping on an existing product listing(i.e. retail/online arbitrage).

An FBA calculator is an invaluable tool in this regard, as many offer a detailed analysis of Amazon listings’ net profit and ROI(return on investment) potential, sales velocity estimation, choosing the best variations, and fulfillment method. 

Essentially a quality Amazon FBA calculator will save you time and drastically reduce the risk of potential errors by providing you or your team with the necessary details to make informed inventory purchasing decisions.

As an FBA business owner, you should never try to calculate these kinds of statistics manually or with spreadsheets. 

Instead, you should automate as much as possible so you’re able to make quick inventory acquisitions, build supplier relations, replenish your stock, acquire additional inventory capital, and scale your operations. 

LOL, I realize that sounds like a lot. But in short, you must automate as many of your processes as possible and a solid FBA calculator is one of the first and most impactful places to do just that. 

When choosing an FBA calculator, consider these key features:


At this point in the evolution of Amazon selling, your calculator should go beyond basic profit calculations. It should offer features like sales history analysis, profit potential identification, monitor ratings and reviews, estimate profit margins, and competitor analysis is a plus.

Ease of Use: 

The calculator should be user-friendly with an intuitive dashboard for easy control.

Look for calculators that offer browser extensions for convenient usage while visiting an Amazon product listing page.

Check reviews and demo videos to assess user-friendliness.

Regular Updates: 

Your calculator should keep up with the evolving FBA business model. Regular updates to incorporate new factors, features, and fee policies are crucial.

Cost-effectiveness: If you’re a beginner, choose a cheaper but reliable calculator to familiarize yourself with the workings. Avoid free spreadsheets that are often inadequate or just unnecessary for most sellers, especially those practicing online and retail arbitrage.

Now, let’s review the top 4 FBA calculators on the market. 

4 Best Amazon FBA Calculators

1.  Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator

(Photo Source: sellercentral.amazon.com)

Amazon is the reason you’re here reading this post, so it’s only understandable that it has a company-owned FBA calculator to help its FBA sellers. 

Using the Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator is very easy. 

You can search the main Amazon catalog by either entering the product title, ISBN, UPC, EAN, or in most cases the ASIN. 

Next, it will ask you to enter costs like, buy cost, fulfillment, and storage. Once you have done that, it will generate your estimated net profit details.

Since you will have the Amazon catalog at your disposal with this calculator, you can search your competitors and understand how they are strategizing their business. 

Again, the fact that it is an Amazon-owned calculator means it is completely free for all FBA business owners. 

You can visit the revenue calculator webpage, sign in, and get started.

There are two downsides to Amazon’s homegrown calculator. First, you have to have it open in another window, you have to copy the product identification such as the ASIN, and then paste it into the calculator, which is a waste of time. Also, it offers very limited features compared to other subscription-based FBA calculator browser extensions. 

Check out the reviews of other feature-rich FBA Calculator browser extensions below.

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(Photo Source:  revseller.com)

Revseller is one of the most popular and cost-effective FBA calculators on the market and gives you access to its in-house Variation Viewer feature.

Viewing FBA costs and product prices are some of the key benefits you get with this software, along with accurate details about each product.

The extension also calculates the sales rank and profitability at the top of the product page itself, without asking you to copy and paste the product code into another window.

You can also change and adjust the "selling price" and "buying cost" to get pricing alternatives that will help you develop a more effective strategy for future sales and revenue.

However, the best feature is the newly added "Variation Viewer". 

With one click you can view all sizes, colors, and other variations of the product you are looking for to better estimate which variation is more cost-effective and can bring in more money.

The calculator automatically generates all expense reports in XLS format, which you can easily transfer to any device for future use. 

Revseller’s user-friendly interface makes it seamless for people with less technical expertise. 

Compared to Fulfillment by Amazon Revenue Calculator, Revseller is more versatile, and offers extensive features and better control - however, the Extension is limited to profit calculations and variation suggestions only.  

The basic plan starts at $99 per year, which is reasonable given the limited features.

3. AZInsight by Asinzen

(Photo Source:  google.com)

AZInsight is a flagship calculator extension that markets itself as one of the easiest calculators to use.

The interface is very similar to the Revseller extension described above. Any person without technical knowledge or experience can use it with a relatively short learning curve.

AZInsight is a multifunctional software that shows you product details, ASIN, UPC, Model #, and historical sales data of the product including sales rank, as well as monthly sales estimate and estimated monthly revenue.

In addition, the tool will also indicate any sales restrictions for the product and give you stock warnings.

Based on all this information, you can make an informed decision about what to sell and when.

The browser extension displays all the results in one tab, which saves you a lot of time for copying and pasting ASIN codes and searching for details in other calculators that perform their calculations in another tab.

Best of all, unlike other calculators, this FBA calculator is available in most major Amazon markets, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

So you can take advantage of the business benefits of global products.

When it comes to price, this calculator has 2 plans in store for you: Starter ($7.95 /month) and Advanced ($19.95 /month). However, the Starter plan does not include the calculator, so you’ll want the Advanced option. 

AZInsight’s ability to accommodate a team of 4+ working at the same time with their unlimited sub-accounts is a major benefit that Revseller does not provide. 

You can choose one of the 3 tiers based on the size of your team. 

You can find the prices for the team plans of Asinzen in the picture below.

These flexible plans can help you grow your team and your business without the possibility of hitting API limitations with your Amazon FBA calculator. 

We recommend the Asinzen calculator extension for "Online Arbitrage and Retail Arbitrage, Wholesale and Private Label Seller" because it covers almost all important and necessary calculations and provides valuable insights.

4. SellerAmp SAS

(Photo Source:  google.com)

The SellerAmp SAS calculator is one of the most versatile and popular FBA calculators on the market.

The software has advanced tools that allow you to perform a range of analyses. For this reason, the name is preceded by SAS (SellerAmp SAS), which stands for Sourcing Analysis Simplified.

Although SAS is one of the most expensive FBA calculation software, its comprehensive information makes it absolutely worth the money.

It provides all the necessary details of the product, such as pricing, promotional expenses, FBA costs, etc. 

Based on this data, it calculates and informs you of your net profit

The profitability calculator allows you to precisely predict the performance of your sales and revenue estimation.

With this, the software gives you a possible cost-benefit breakdown, also based on your current and previous Amazon listings.

Some of the extensive features of the SAS calculator include,

  • "ROI (Return On Investment) shows you the selling price required to achieve various ROI percentages"
  • Reverse search to review other competitors' products listings and apply it to your business
  • Notifications about discounts and offers and how to change your sales and revenue calculations
  • VAT calculations and analyses
  • Take notes and create custom tags
  • Export all data to Google Sheets
  • Interactive charts to summarize statistics and calculation

These features can help you formulate a long-term and potentially successful business strategy.

Seller AMP SAS is integrated with data from all major e-commerce giants and is not limited to analyzing Amazon products.

The software Chrome extension even allows you to search on Amazon while on almost every source merchant website, from large stores like Target, Walmart, and eBay, to smaller merchants like Gamestop.

The tool also supports companies from a wide range of countries.

All of this gives you greater latitude in selecting merchants and products and gives you an edge over your competitors.

SAS also has a Chrome extension and an app to keep the FBA calculator at your fingertips.

Seller AMP has two plans: “Getting Started” at $19.95/month and “Getting Serious” at $27.95/month. 

You can opt for a yearly plan that can save you 10% to 15% (based on the plan you choose).

With the Getting Serious plan you get 3 Phone app installation accounts and 5 Chrome extension installation accounts. Check out other pricing details here

Overall, Seller AMP SAS may be the most comprehensive FBA calculator service that is not limited to Amazon Arbitrage.

Also, its wide range of exclusive product analytics and coverage of thousands of companies opens up better selling opportunities for you. 

And all this makes it a cost-effective calculator, although it is more expensive than other FBA calculators like Revseller and Asinzen.


An FBA calculator is one of the most important tools you will require in the FBA business.

It can not only help forecast your net profit and provide in-depth analysis of products but also many additional details that will reduce your workload immensely.

The above-reviewed calculators like SellerAmp SAS and AZInsights are some of the best and most comprehensive services. 

Although they charge a fee, they can save you hundreds of dollars that you would spend either way on auditing and calculation tasks.

For other FBA business guides and tools like OA Cheddar’s profitable amazon FBA product leads generator visit our vast resources here


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